Today is Tomorrow!

Seems that a lot of things that need to be done tend to be pushed farther back on the “To Do List.”  We do not know when things will be needed in a quicker paced time line.  The key then becomes …

Just Do It!

Then when “things” are needed they are ready to be used.

The New Normal

We do not have to stay with “The New Normal,” but we can learn from it.

It is a matter of knowing what needs to be implemented for long term success as well as understanding what the current needs are.  Have you notice the “wants” have some what taken a back seat to the essentials?  This is a good thing as the real priorities are discovered.

One can say that the new normal provides understanding into business continuity and emergency response.  It also provides a way to better day to day operations and the path to improvement.

What about security?  In the past couple of months we have seen the importance of both cyber and physical security as both have been at risk.  Now is a good time to review what has worked and what needs to be improved.    Include the ability to remote access and control resources and infrastructure so it is always ready.

We will get back to par and things will improve to the point of growth once more.  The new normal is a training tool, it does not need to be static path of the future.


Don’t work to hard, but work hard enough to keep it interesting.

Always smile, as it will make people wonder what’s up.

Welcome to the New Reality

At least that is what they keep saying; or some one keeps saying.  Maybe it has to do with the machines and the Internet of Things.   Perhaps that is how on StarTrek they never talk about taxes but then there were a few places that they had a bit of a challenge  getting some of their supplies.  Oh for the simplicity of future adventures …