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Information Security

Information Security is often known as INFOSEC consists of multiple areas of expertise and commonality.  Some say that it only deals with data security yet it needs to have cyber and physical security as part of the overall defense.

Information Security is the path to secure cyber and physical security.

Cyber Security

The protection of computer networks, computers and  data stored within computers.

Physical  Security  deals with  infrastructure,  our  daily surroundings, internal and external contact with others  (be it human or machine).  We need to know that we have physical security of the information / data that we are responsible for.   Who has physical access to the servers as well as individual computers and hard copy access.

IP PBX Secure VoIP can protect voice and video communication as well as provide a rapid way of restoring business after emergency situations  / disaster incidents.

Access Control Systems provide the means to protect physical access to our homes and business as well as a way to monitor when someone has been in a facility or currently indicated to be in a particular location.  Along with Video Surveillance capability awareness of potential threats can be discovered and necessary resources alerted to the hazards presented.